Sports Massage

How is Sports Massage Different?

Sports massage or remedial massage is a deep tissue technique. It works by manipulating soft tissue using firm pressure to relieve muscle tension and adhesions within the muscle fibre.

The massage gets into the deeper underlying muscles of the body, not just the surface. Problem areas such as knots or sore spots are worked on to reduce pain or discomfort. Different pressures and techniques are used within the massage to target specific muscles and areas.

Remedial massage is similar to sports massage in that deeper pressure is used and problem areas are targeted. If required, neuromuscular techniques, frictions, and different stretching techniques are also used.

What are the benefits of Sports and Remedial Massage?

Deep tissue massage is ideal for relieving muscle tension, tightness and discomfort. Areas of tension or soreness are found and dealt with before an injury arises.

Sports massage has many psychological and physiological benefits such as increasing circulation and muscle tissue flexibility and relaxing the muscles. It can also aid in the recovery from an injury, decrease anxiety and stress and enhance a sense of well being.

Anyone can benefit from sports massage – an office worker with shoulder soreness, a builder with lower back tightness or an athlete preparing for a race or event.

Is it true that only strong men give good Sports Massages?

Properly trained therapists don’t rely on brute strength! It’s all in the technique that I’ve been performing for many years. My treatment is tailored to you, whether that’s a general massage for relaxation (mild discomfort in some areas) or working deep into the muscle tissue to ease out knots and tightness (uncomfortable for most). Don’t worry … I always work to your pain threshold and avoid unnecessary or prolonged discomfort!